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I’ve just booked in a meeting with our wedding florist for Thursday next week, and I’m literally fizzing with excitement! Miss Daisy are a super talented bunch and I love their non-traditional approach to flowers. I feel really privileged to get to work with a team of creatives who just ‘get’ my style and I can’t wait to do some brainstorming & bounce around some ideas! To start, I’ve gone though my Pinterest boards and pulled out a selection of my faves to bring along – a mammoth task in itself when you’ve got over 3,000 pins! Below is a further cull of that selection – there’s a theme & colour palette emerging… calm down & take deep breaths! x

Just-My-Type-NZ-Wedding-Flowers-1Ooooh look its all organic with that wildflower kinda feel – ferns & carrot weed even! (I know, I know…its Queen Anne’s lace).


Deer antlers, feathers & GOLD!


Naaaaw, puppy luuuurve. I doubt our canine buddy will join us on our big day, but if she did she’d look freaking adorable in a floral wreath. Or completely mad with it in tatters around her.


Hmm more Queen Anne’s lace, with tendrils of jasmine! Love the champagne coloured ribbon this bouquet is bound in…


Hey… don’t we have a native fern like this one here in kiwiland? Love it!


Oh gawd, more Queen Anne’s lace – I think a theme is emerging here! Super duper into table centrepeice flowers with that relaxed overflowing feel.


Floral decorated antlers? Compulsory.


Pretty floral mess! Gypsophila & gum tree leaves.


Rather into this floral headpiece wreath. It’s a bit more refined than some of the OTT ones that have been trending over the last season.


I like the softer green of these gum tree leaves in this brides bouquet, seems more romantic & feminine.


Fairy lights and greenery decorating the ceiling would be a DREAM! Fingers crossed we can find away to create this within budget…!

So, in conclusion I have discovered from posting this floral wedding goodness that I’m currently digging: ferns – any kind, Queen Anne’s lace a.k.a carrot weed, organic overflowy arrangements and a soft, minimal colour palette. Niiice. Always good to know what your thinking, huh!

Sweet dreams x


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  1. Gem says:

    Hey Amy! Thanks for visiting the blog! I’m a big fan of yours – you might have noticed I’ve ‘pinned’ half your blog myself hehe 😉 Thanks for always posting such beautiful & inspiring wedding goodness xxx