Just My Type} Mint & Gold ‘Foxy’ Baby Shower

Why hello there! I have a wee bit of mint & gold cuteness to share here with you today. Combining beautiful calligraphy with this gender–neutral and classic colour combo makes for a truly sweet baby shower invitation! Featuring my hand-drawn sleeping baby fox, this suite is just the right mix of ‘elegant mumma’ and ‘cutesey bubba’!


Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-1  Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-9 Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-8Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-10 Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-7 Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-6 Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-5 Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-4 Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-3 Just-My-Type-NZ-Mint-&-Gold-Baby-Shower-Invite-2

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