Just My Type} Engagement photoshoot

Oh I’m so excited to post these up here tonight! Last year, we went out to Te Awamutu to meet our super amazeballs wedding photographers Jo and Nita for coffee! We clicked instantly, and had a right laugh dodging cow poos in an olive grove after to get a few practice shots in front of the camera. I highly recommend doing an engagement shoot with your photographer before your big day. It gives you a chance to understand how they work, get an idea of how you look on camera (must pull back shoulders on our big day!) and most of all, to allow your groom to realise having his picture taken isn’t that bad after all. Bring on the wedding photos!

Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-7Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-8Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-4Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-14Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-9Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-3Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-13Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-5Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-6Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-11Just-My-Type-Engagement-shootJust-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-2Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-15Just-My-Type-Engagement-shoot-12This is just a tiny selection of the awesomeness that Jo and Nita took on the day – it was hard work to cut the lot down to these ones! We are so incredibly lucky to get to work with such talent, and super excited too!

Feeling blessed x


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2 Responses to Just My Type} Engagement photoshoot

  1. Lovely photos! I especially love that first and last one. ♥

  2. Gem says:

    Thank you lovely! We had the best time doing them and absolutely LOVE the results! Can’t wait for the wedding ones now 😀 xxx